The Bitcoin conference of the year,
bear market edition
Riga, Latvia
September 14-15

Very focused and high quality Bitcoin conference. A place to meet great minds of this business. @AlenaSatoshi

Highest quality and most authentic Bitcoin conference I've been to. @nic__carter

Can't wait for the next one! @ToneVays

Baltic Honeybadger is where you go to find both the heart of bitcoin, and the most in-depth discussion about its past, present and future. @theonevortex

Came for the ICOs and was very disappointed @WhalePanda

Speakers and panelists

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Bitcoin economist & author

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur

Samson Mow

CSO at Blockstream

Oleg Andreev

Protocol Architect at Stellar. Author of Gitbox, CoreBitcoin and BTCRuby

Rodolfo Novak

Product designer and strategist, creator of OpenDime

Murad Mahmudov

A cryptocurrency analyst and Partner at cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund Adaptive Capital

Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Podcaster

Peter Todd

Applied Cryptography Consultant, Bitcoin engineer

Max Keiser

Co-host of "Keiser Report" on RT, co-founder of Heisenberg Capital

Stacy Herbert

Co-host of "Keiser Report" on RT, co-founder of Heisenberg Capital

Ádám Ficsór

Wasabi Wallet

Nicolas Dorier

BTCPay Server and NBitcoin contributor

Rui Gomes

Lead Software Engineer at OpenNode

Alex Bosworth

Lightning Infrastructure Lead, Lightning Labs - CEO of

Eric Voskuil

Maintainer of Libbitcoin, a Bitcoin developer toolkit & an ex navy fighter pilot

Dan Held

Director of Business Development at Interchange

Tone Vays

Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant, host of @Crypto_Scam podcast

Pierre Rochard

Operator of one of the largest Lightning Network routing nodes,

Jeremy Welch

Founder and CEO of Casa

Ray Youssef

CEO and co-founder of Paxful, a p2p Bitcoin exchange

Jameson Lopp

CTO at Casa, creator of Statoshi, founder of Mensa's Bitcoin Special Group

Adam Back, Ph. D.

CEO at Blockstream


Bitcoin Accumulator through Trading

Alena Vranova

Head of strategy for Casa, builds innovative companies in Bitcoin. Introduced the first hardware wallet

Matthew Mežinskis

Host of CryptoVoices podcast


Shitcoin bagsimalist

Florian Maier

Software Engineer & Security Professional researching the decentralized architecture of tomorrow

Giacomo Zucco


Peter McCormack

Host of the "What Bitcoin did" podcast

Rigel Walshe

Aspiring Cypherpunk

Francis Pouliot

CEO of Bull Bitcoin

Sergej Kotliar

CEO at Bitrefill

Lawrence Nahum

Bitcoin wallet GreenAddress founder, Bitcoin expert, executive at Blockstream

Tatiana Moroz

American folk singer-songwriter, freedom activist, CEO of Crypto Media Hub, and creator of the Tatiana Show

Yuri de Gaia

Bitcoin broker, entrepreneur and evangelist. Operations at L2B Global


Hardware designer, programmer, infrastructure engineer, provider of lightning based hosting services

Hass McCook

Chartered Civil Engineer. Oxford MBA. Bitcoin Mining Researcher

Fernando Ulrich

Co-host of Crypto Voices podcast

Sam Wouters

Bitcoin educator

Pavel Kravchenko

CEO at Distributed Lab

Dr. Maxim Orlovsky

CEO at Pandora Core AG

Eric Lombrozo

CEO at Ciphrex

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Videos from 2017 & 2018 conferences


Day 1

9:00Opening wordsby Max Keidun & Roman Snitko
9:20PANEL • Unpopular opinions in BitcoinEric Voskuil, Oleg Andreev, Jimmy Song, Samson Mow, HOST: WhalePanda
10:00All cryptography is bad and you should feel badOleg Andreev
10:30Incentives MatterJimmy Song
11:00Strange Theories of Money and CreditEric Voskuil
11:50Bitcoin as Base MoneyMatthew Mežinskis
12:30[ to be announced ]Roman Snitko
13:001on1 • OTC tradingMax Keidun & Yuri de Gaia, HOST: Fernando Ulricht
13:30Physical security in BitcoinFlorian Maier, Rigel Walshe, Jameson Lopp, Rodolfo Novak, HOST: Peter McCormack
14:40Designing a Hardware WalletRodolfo Novak
15:10[ to be announced ]Ádám Ficsór
15:40A Story of Music on the Silk RoadTatiana Moroz
16:10[ to be announced ]Murad Mahmudov
16:50BTCPayServer announcement
16:521on1 • Payment processingNicolas Dorier, Rui Gomes, HOST: Roman Snitko
17:20[ to be announced ]Sergej Kotliar
17:40CLOSING PANELOleg Andreev, Eric Voskuil, Peter Todd, Ádám Ficsór, Giacomo Zucco, HOST: Roman Snitko

Day 2

9:00Opening wordsby Giacomo Zucco
9:1013 Threats to Your BitcoinJeremy Welch
9:40PANEL • P2P exchanges[to be announced]
10:10[ to be announced ][ to be announced ]
10:40PANEL • REKT: how to survive the bear marketWhalePanda, Ambroid, Tone Vays, HOST: Florian Maier
11:30Bitcoin as a practical tool for individual freedomRigel Walshe
12:00LNP/BP Macroeconomic Data, Theories, and IntuitionsPierre Rochard
12:30PANEL • WalletsLawerence Nahum, Ádám Ficsór HOST: Alena Vranova
13:00Running bitcoin in production environmentsKetominer
13:20The Information Theory of MoneyDan Held
14:30How to really kill bitcoinSaifedean Ammous
15:00PANEL • Education in BitcoinSam Wouters, Pavel Kravchenko, Jimmy Song HOST: Stacey Herbert
15:30Lowering Chain Fees and Improving Privacy with HyperLoopAlex Bosworth
15:50Yellow Rock Bad, Orange Coin Good: Environmental & Social Impacts of Gold & BitcoinHass McCook
16:10PANEL • Lightning NetworkSamson Mow, Alex Bosworth, Max Keidun, HOST: Stephan Livera
17:00Scalable computing in LNP/BP: Prometheus protocolMaxim Orlovsky
17:201on1 • Reflecting on scaling, 5 years onAdam Back, Giacomo Zucco HOST: Alexandra Moxin
17:40CLOSING PANELTone Vays, Saifedean Ammous, Pierre Rochard, Samson Mow HOST: Max Keiser
18:10Closing words

About the conference

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is a major Bitcoin event in both Latvia and the world, dedicated to Bitcoin and technologies built around it. Our goal is to create an educational and community-driven event with high-profile speakers from all around the world and with different backgrounds — from technical engineers and cybersecurity professionals to business owners and bestselling authors.

Over the two years of its existence it attracted the most talented, driven and passionate Bitcoiners from around the world and has established itself as one of the leading conferences worldwide.

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is driven by the cypherpunk movement. We're not promoting various so called altcoins, ICOs, banks and other blockchain-based "snake oil".

The conference is held for 2 days with a packed schedule of talks, 1 on 1s and panels, culminating in an chill informal afterparty-patio outside, where people can drink beer (or wine, if you prefer), enjoy an informal conversation and meet new friends.

Location and Time

Day 1: RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H20 6

Durbes iela 4, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija

September 14, 2019 - conference begins at 9:00 am

Day 2: RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H2O 6

Durbes iela 4, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija

September 15, 2019: conference begins at 9:00 am



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